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Luca Turrini


Technical training, he develops passion for lighting since his first years in the world of work.
Significant his first experience at Sirrah, leader area company for industrialization and lighting design; in technical departement he deals first with costumer assistance and later becomes immage, comunication and marketing responsible.
From the close contact with architects and professionals as Emilio Ambarsz, Dino Gavina, Kazuide Takahama, Renè Kemna, King & Miranda, and others, he dedevelops sensibility and great attitude to design related to marketing.
With Sirrah Editions he knows Bruno Munari and works in tecnical departement to the creation of "Sculpture travels", limited edition works.
From Shirrah to IGuzzini following the acquisition, with their thecnical departementhe matures specific experience in outdoor lighting.
He interprets the new concept of exterior lighting developing the concept of " exterior basket"offering Targhetti on preview.
In 1996 he joined the Comet group as  branch manager, he develops with them the concept of  Light Studio and becomes the  technical / artistic reference.
He takes care of the company house organ "Making light" in person, magazine that collects the best and most interesting creations, highlighting news and market trends.
In contact with the best areas companies, attending conventions and specific masters, he increases his knowledge, improves his personal and lightning ability, sharing international experiences.
In the field of design he gets an award at European level as designer: the RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2009 for the product NULLA by ARTEMIDE. Alwais for ARTEMIDE also in 2010 he was awarded with the RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2010 for the product COVER.

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